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Forget past mistakes, forget failures, Forget everything expect what you are doing right now and do it
 Interactive Learning -MOHNISH SAHU-PGT Computer Sci.-Informatics Practices

To learn the subject with more interactive manner by making computer programs in java.-Yes Realized-Most of the students are unable to understand the concepts. To make them understand following major steps have been taken:-
Each student has to learn by doing small program in java.
The program itself guides the students what is wrong in his program.
After repeating the execution of program students get the correct idea of concept with small guidance of teacher.

 Zero Failure in English-SH. P.S. Madhusoodhan -PGT English-English-IX to XII

to get at least 33% in Board exams-Yes Realized-Students of class X always find the Subject English difficult. Since there are no practice work for English in Class X, the students have only one option i.e., to be thorough with the basic topic like, basic grammar rules, writing format and the contents of literature section.
To produce Zero failure result following strategies can be implemented.
1) Give simple format for Notices, Messages writing etc.,
2) Preparing frequently asked questions.
3) MCQ questions for reinforcement from tutor